We will be celebrating the end of the school year with our Field Day on Wednesday, June 12th. It is an all-school event that runs from 12:45-2:45 pm. All adults must check-in at the office. Sorry no siblings allowed during this event. 


We are looking for volunteers to help make the day a success. If you have an approved background check with the SKSD, please use the link below to sign up to help. If you have any questions regarding Field Day, please contact Mrs. Rhines.


Field Day Directions 2019


Hippity Hop Races– Race to the finish line on the Hippity Hops. Don’t forget to hold on and lean forward! (1 volunteer-field)


Water Balloon Fling– Using a “Fling-it” (a net with handles) two students fling a water balloon in the air. They see how many times and how high they can toss the balloon before it pops. Their turn is over when the balloon pops. (2 volunteers – field)


Inflatable Toys– Directions are on the toy (2 volunteers per toy-slide, obstacle course, beat the bucket)


Water Balloon Volleyball/Crossnet– The game is set up just like Four Square.  There are four numbered squares.  Players try to get into the first square.  Players toss a water balloon over the net trying to pop it on the other players’ side. If it pops in your area, you are out. Players rotate around, just like in Four Square.

(2 volunteers – field)


Bubbles, First Aid Station, Water– Treat minor injuries, monitor water and bubbles. (1 volunteer-field, near other covered area.)


Tug-of-war– Split the students lined up into 2 equal groups. Each group tries to pull the     flag on the rope as far as the cone marker. No one should be in the loop on the end of the rope.   (1 volunteer – field)


Four Sqare Water Spray – Four students are place in a square each with a water plunger and about a gallon of water in a tub. The object is to spray other participants in their squares for 3 minutes or until their water runs out. (This will be held only if temperatures that day are warm!)(2 volunteers)


Balloon Launcher– 1 student pulls back on the balloon launcher to launch a water

balloon in the direction of the target. If  a balloon accidentally pops the student

may have another turn. (2 volunteers – aiming for far backstop and pictures of teachers) Important- all students stay behind the barriers for safety.


 Football throw– Each student gets two throws to see how far they can throw the football.   Record distances for boys and girls for each grade level will be marked with a cone. (2 volunteers-field near parking lot)

Face Painting– Cafeteria (As many volunteers as possible)


Balloon Animals-There will be a balloon artist to make balloons for kids this year.  One balloon per student.





Cookie Walk– Students walk from colored spot to colored spot as the music plays. Stop

the music and roll the dice. Whoever’s number is rolled receives a cookie and

exits the game. All other players may continue until they win a cookie. (2 volunteers – cafeteria)


Sponge and Bucket Race-The object is to fill your bucket with water.  Two even teams line up next to each other.  They pass the sponge from the first bucket (full of water) to the empty bucket at the end.  Squeeze the water out of the sponge to fill the bucket.  Pass it back to the front and start over. (Near gym, on black top-1 volunteer needed.)


Backboard Dodgeball– This will be broken up into two sessions.  The first and second graders will play from 1:00-1:30 on ½ the gym.  The second session will be from 1:30-2:00 and will be open to all players. The last session from 2:00-2:30 will be 3,4,&5 grades only.    Students are out if they are hit shoulders and below, if they try to catch it and they miss, if someone else catches the ball they’ve thrown, or if they block with a fleece ball.  To get back in someone on your team has to hit the backboard with a fleece ball.   (2 volunteers)

Giant GamesThese games will be in the field.  (4 volunteers)

 Twister– Students play Twister on the giant tarp.


Giant Jenga-Students try to remove blocks from the stack without it falling over.  Students can only use one hand, and they cannot remove a block from the top three rows.


Bean Bag Toss (Corn Hole)-Two sets of partners play against each other.  The object is to score 21 points first by tossing the bean bags to the opposite corn hole platform.  If the beanbag lands in the hole, it is worth 3 points, and if it lands on the top of the board, it is worth one point.  When a team wins, two new teams play.


Jumbo Banagrams-The object is to work together with your team to use all of your letters first to make words that connect together.  Each team starts with 15 letters and tries to use all of them to make words (like a crossword).  To start the game, someone calls, “Split”, to get more letters when you run out call out, “peel” and each group has to run and get a new letter.  If you have a letter that you can’t use you can say, “dump” and trade it in for three new ones.  If you think you have all of your letters used call out “bananas’!

YardzeeStudents play a life-sized game of Yahtzee.


Rollerz- Two students take turns and roll the discs toward the target to see who can get their disc the closest.  Add up points that show on the top of the disc when it lands.

Spike Ball-Teams take turns bouncing the ball off  of the net.  The other team scores if you let the ball hit the ground when it’s your turn.

Dominoes-Play the old-fashioned way or line them up and knock them over.