How does your H-VAC system work?

Our systems are operated in alignment with the Oregon Department of Education's RSSL guidance to districts, which includes guidance and recommendations for CDC. We regularly monitor the operations of these systems (much of this is done remotely) and replace filters in alignment with the guidance. This is under normal circumstances about every 6 months, due [...]

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What happens when there is a positive COVID-19 case in our school?

DISTRICT WIDE When we are notified that a person who is confirmed positive with COVID-19 has been in one of our school buildings, we will communicate with all families of that school. This notification is intended to raise awareness and provide transparency and does not imply that there was a close contact exposure with students. [...]

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Only one grade level will have recess at a time Each grade level will have its own playground equipment (jump ropes, balls, etc...) Students will wash/sanitize their hands before and after recess Students will need to wear masks at recess.  They may take a mask break if they are at least 6 feet from other [...]

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Safety in the classroom

Hand Sanitizer is used frequently throughout the day. Students are seated 3' apart Students have their own basket with supplies Masks are required at all times Teachers will be wearing a mask. All snacks are happening outside where students can be spaced 6' apart.

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