Clear Lake Families – We are entering a new world of online, distance learning (which will officially begin Monday, 4/13/20). This is new for all of us – teachers, students, and parents alike. We know that each of us will be trying our hardest to navigate this unchartered territory. We will all make mistakes and technology will likely fail us (or confuse us) at times. For this to be successful, we must all offer grace and know that we are in this together. If you have questions or are confused at any point in time, please reach out. If we don’t have immediate answers, we will do our best to find them for you.


Below you will find a link to a document we created full of information and links that we believe will be helpful. As our learning grows, so will this document so please keep this link handy and refer back to it if you have questions.  We will put it on our website and FB page as well, just in case you lose it. Our goal is to have the information you need easily available for you.