Cougar Chronicles January 27, 2021


We have only been back a little over 3 weeks, and we have been busy!  Please watch our latest edition of the Cougar Chronicles to hear about what we have been doing these past 3 weeks as well as how we are preparing for the eventual return of students to our building.  The presentation is also being attached as a PDF and contains links to some optional documents and videos you can take a look at.  Thanks for your support families, together we continue to provide the best education for our students!


In this edition…..


Timestamp 0:25 – Schoolwide updates including grab-and-go, library, and PE

Timestamp 3:56 – I introduce the Ready Schools, Safe Learners document and talk about where we are at for bringing students back into the building

Timestamp 7:13 – Changes at Clear Lake – we take you through some of the ways school will look different for students